Owen Jenkins, Director of Growth and Economy, Oxfordshire County Council


These are truly exciting times for Oxfordshire. Over recent years we’ve secured funding for the largest infrastructure programme we’ve ever had.

This, combined with our very ambitious vision for the future and a forward-looking modernisation programme, gives us more to offer than most. Join us and you’ll be a visible contributor to our economic recovery and renewal work ­– ultimately helping us to build back better.

With a major infrastructure programme of £600m to deliver in the next few years and total capital shaping up to be in the region of £1bn across the next 8 to 10 years, we are looking for talented people across a number of new roles.

If you have the drive and ambition to match ours, are able to demonstrate how your skills will help us deliver for our residents, and have a collaborative work ethic, we’d like to hear from you.

The roles we have created will be embedded into our new teams, but will also work with our partners through our Growth Partnership and unique model with Cherwell District Council.

Whichever infrastructure projects you work on, you’re likely to work with Homes England, Highways England, Network Rail, developers and our supply chain partners.

With this level of diversity and responsibility, you’ll find the challenges are great and the opportunities are greater.  


Who we are

Oxfordshire is right at the heart of a global network of innovation, with many cutting-edge world-shaping sectors. It’s also a part of the UK powered by restless creativity, developing strategies that will grow the region’s influence exponentially over the years and decades to come.

At Oxfordshire County Council, we’re proud to play a central part, making great strides for businesses, visitors and residents alike.

Take a look at our pioneering vision for the future of our region:

The county

This is a £20 billion economy (only one of three net contributors to the UK Exchequer), supporting 30,000 businesses and just under 417,000 jobs. Global strengths include everything from life sciences to Formula One, telecoms to creative and digital sectors. Oxfordshire is also in the top five technology ecosystems in the world, home to 1,500 high-tech firms, employing 50,000 people. And all of this is only a fraction of the local success story.


Thriving communities

At Oxfordshire County Council, our vision is simple: ‘Thriving communities for everyone’. Join us and you’ll be part of talented group, driven to achieve this ambitious long-term goal, helping more local people enjoy a higher quality of life and keeping our proud region a great place to live and work.

You’ll be right at the heart of positive change as we:

  • listen to residents so we can continuously improve our services
  • strive to give every child a good start in life
  • enable older and disabled people to live independently
  • help people live safe, healthy lives and play an active part in their community
  • provide services that enhance the quality of life in our communities, and protect the local environment
  • support a thriving local economy by improving transport links

Delivering on our vision

We put residents at the heart of everything we do. To us, our communities have to inspire a sense of belonging. Our approach to supporting them must be as diverse as they are.

Our connections

Oxfordshire is already well-connected, with London, the south coast ports, the Midlands and the North, and the West and Wales all within easy access.

Our strategy builds on these connections. We’re focusing on providing homes and jobs on our existing transport corridors and in particular across the ‘Knowledge Spine’, an area that includes Bicester, Oxford and Science Vale.

All of this sits at the heart of the Oxford-Milton Keynes-Cambridge ‘Growth Corridor’ – a unique, single knowledge intensive cluster with potential like nowhere else in the UK.

The future

Our vision for the future all boils down to this. We’re determined to deliver 100,000 new homes and 85,000 new jobs by 2031. This growth is essential to meet the county’s future needs and retain our place as an economic centre of international significance.

Clearly growth will place new pressures on our movement networks and other infrastructure, and we already have ambitious proposals to develop the county, while preserving our brilliant natural and built environment. 

This transit-oriented development will maximise the use of the county’s existing road, rail and bus infrastructure, and exploit the onward connections to wider national and international transport networks.

We’re leading on and contributing to a number of fascinating projects right now, and each one promises to make Oxfordshire an even better place to live, work and visit.