Oxfordshire is thriving. Over the past decade, our cumulative growth has been higher than any other local area. However, investment in infrastructure has failed to keep up.

This is where the Housing & Growth Deal comes in. The Deal has unlocked £500 million of investment in sustainable transport, housing and social infrastructure across the county. The Deal itself includes £30 million a year for five years to help accelerate infrastructure projects including road, rail, cycle routes and footpaths, as well as social expenditure on schools, health centres, community centres and so on. More than 40 projects have now been allocated funding for the five-year period.

The theme of our work is the first and last mile. We’ve identified the following schemes and areas of work as priorities to support connections to the Growth Corridor.


  • Smart corridors, including rapid transit and cycle super routes
  • Park & Ride expansion
  • Rail projects, including Oxford station and Cowley branch line
  • Other cycle routes


  • The development of future mass transit options
  • Autonomous vehicles link to rail
  • Development and roll out of smart city principles

Demand management

  • The development of full business case for congestion charging or the workplace parking levy